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Piggyback姓氏 | 10 February, 2014 | 一般 | (175 Reads)

Mom's and Dad's there is a cool new way to take your young one’s with you wherever you go. And it’s not silly looking like that front pouch you’ll possibly be using when infants need to be carried. Built a for children 2.5 years and above and under 60lbs, replacing strollers and backpack’s it’s a device that lets your child hug and surf on your back.



To avoid toddlers getting tired and asking to be carried, the PB Rider is the second phase in childhood carrying after they grow out of infant carriers. With a foot bar that extends the diameter of your back the non-skid foot holder lets a child stand what you walk as normal as possible. Seeming like your child will be surfing on your back, in reality a safety harness and access to handles keep them steady while you move.



We've used our PB Rider around town and out in the mountains on short easy flat little walks.  It worked well but I wanted to really test it before I could honestly recommend it to you.  Last weekend we finally had the opportunity.  We were in Jasper and wanted to hike up to the Old Fort Point.  If you know the viewpoint, you are aware of how steep the trail is.  Most adults are winded while making their way up (I know I am).  It's a beautiful, short little hike though so we wanted to do it.  My husband put our son in the PB Rider and off they climbed.  Up, up, and then more up as we reached a small cliff band at the top.  I think it's possible to go around but honestly, where's the fun in that?  Never did my son come close to falling off the bar, never was there a moment of danger, and both Dad and Son felt secure the whole time.  I thought maybe the Rider would be best used while walking around Disney Land or the Zoo but it is perfectly suited for short rugged hikes too - something very important to us.

我們已於城鎮周圍用過多次及於小山坡上也是運作良好的,但我希望用一次來遠足才再作介紹,上星期終於有機會試,現在我可以誠懇的推薦給大家。我們去了Jasper,是一個很漂亮的地方,不停向上行到山頂,有一個小懸崖帶,本想繞路過,但又在想這一定很有趣因此還是走了過去。我的兒子全程也很安全没有掉下過,而且爸爸和兒子也是感覺非常安全的。我想這個"踩板背囊"也非常適合去迪士尼樂園或動物園及非常適合短途的山徑- 對我們來說是非常重要的。


Now, I should mention that you don't have to be mountain folk to get a PB Rider.  It would work super well if you were touring a city on vacation, exploring your local zoo or theme park, or taking a walk around the pathways in your town.  Anytime your child needs a five minute break you can pull out the Rider and continue right on going.  We use our Chariot a lot and I was honestly uncertain how much we'd use the PB Rider in the city because we've always loved our Chariot so much.  I'm learning though that most toddlers and preschoolers either don't want to ride in a stroller anymore or else if you bring it, they won't get out and walk!  We've stopped bringing our stroller when we go out because it's just an invitation to be lazy and sit down the whole time.  If my son knows he can just ride in his comfy stroller, there's no way he's walking.  Meanwhile, I have friends who can't bring a stroller because their 3 or 4 year old would think they were a baby.  Either way, the PB Rider is a good alternative.



Weighing under three pounds, as minimal it is the PB Rider works like any other backpack distributing weight across your core muscles allowing for an upright hike and convenience for child travel. Available for purchase on the